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Nadi Moss is an established photographer with ten years of hands on professional experience currently residing in Los Angeles, California. 


Her core competencies are fashion, lifestyle and commercial photography. 

Photography was a passion that Nadi discovered during her time pursuing a Legal Studies Master’s degree at St. Petersburg University (Russia). After graduating, she moved to Moscow to pursue this newly discovered passion for photography.

Nadi is very active within LA art community and open for creative collaborations as well as opportunities to further develop her career.

Since September 2018 Nadi actively collaborates with the leading Los Angeles high end fashion boutique H. Lorenzo. Her ever growing roster of clients includes prominent models, actors, musicians, bloggers. She actively works with young and established designers such as  Niels Peeraer, Uma Wang, SOYER, GUILTY, Nous Etudions, Courreges, Paulaknorr, Olya Kosterina, Isabella Couture, Aritzia, Aliona Kononova, Ground Zero, Maison Margiela, just to name a few.  


Her shots were printed in VOGUE, ELLE, Glamour, Playboy, QP Magazine. Also she works with local designers, showrooms and established and uprising models and artists. She is professional at studio and outside shoots. 

Nadi's assembled team of truly dedicated and highly professional make up artist, fashion stylist and videographers. Her ability to catch the right moment and focus on individual customers needs made her a go to professional when precise results are desired as well as for out of the box solutions and unique approaches.


Her work is known for being able to tell the story and  transcend to the viewers the subject's feelings. Every Nadi's photo is full of fillings, personality and depth. She is constantly looking for new settings and able to come up with some extraordinary locations for photo shoot. Her ability to blend light, colors, emotions and settings provides a unique glimpse on the world and people. 

Nadi is a happy outgoing person looking forward to work with like-minded individuals, contribute to company success and advance her professional growth and career.

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